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Valley SC Intramural Soccer

Welcome to the Valley Intramural program website

Please click one of the links below for more information regarding the appropriate season.

Things to remember at Phillips & Finland Field

No Smoking or Vaping is permitted at Phillips or Finland Field or the parking lot

No pets are allowed at Phillips Field or the parking lot.  Refs may stop games if they see pets there until pets are removed.

Please park considerately as many other cars need to park, so park close to other vehicles.  Also, no parking is allowed on the street


To make the Valley Soccer Intramural program a success parent volunteers are needed.  Please volunteer your time by helping to coach or be team parent.  It’s only with the help of the parents of this club that we are able to continue a successful, fun program for the kids. Thank you!!


Rules & Notes

No smoking or vaping

No dogs allowed

No parking on street

No ref, coach, or administrative abuse