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U8 Player Development & Travel Preparation Program

2021 Fall Registration

Registration Now OPEN

Please be prepared to pay via major credit card or paypal.

  • 2021-2022 Season: players must be born in 2014 or 2015 
  • Once registered, players should expect to be contacted by the program directors by August with practices beginning thereafter

Multiplayer Discounts: Families with members playing in both Travel Teams and the u8 program will not automatically receive a multi-player discount at registration.  Please forward the receipt to the club treasurer for reimbursement.

Financial Assistance: Families requesting financial assistance should use the tab on left and follow the policy described. Families will be required to pay upon registration. The financial aid request and player registration receipt should be sent to Kate Detterline. Families will be reimbursed if the assistance application is approved by the Travel Team Committee. 

The Registration "U8 Player Development & Travel Preparation Program" is not currently available.

General Information

The U8 Develop Program is focused on developing skills of young soccer players under the age of 8 and prepare both them and their parents for the opportunity to play travel soccer. The program encourages individual player skill development and introduces the team concept in the format of multi-club festivals and friendly matches. This program is managed and coordinated by the participating clubs and is not affiliated with any higher body of governance


  • Focus on individual player skills development
  • No "try-out" and no "cuts" - all children who sign up, regardless of skill level will be accepted into the program. 
    • Due to coaching constraints participation may be limited and children may be on a wait list.
  • Format progresses throughout the season to prepare players for the following travel try-out season.
  • Most importantly this is arranged to HAVE FUN!  Keeping children interested in soccer is the primary focus!


  • Training sessions: Led by a professional trainer twice a week (Aug – Oct)
  • Festivals: Four Festival events with expectation of player participation.  Teams will consist of mixed abilities and will be separated by gender when able. Sample schedule is listed below (actual schedule is TBD).
    • Festival 1 (September): Format will be 4v4 with no goalies.
    • Festivals 2 & 3 (October): Format will be 4v4 with no goalies.
    • Festival 4 (November): Format will be 7v7 (6 field players and a goalie)



  • Depending on the level of interest and availability of volunteer coaches, winter training sessions will be offered at a small additional fee, typically less than $40.
  • Teams will participate in the one (1) Winter Festival.  Teams will consist of mixed abilities and will be separated by gender when available. Location and format TBD.
  • Training Sessions: Depending on level of interest and availability of volunteer coaches the team will practice at least once per week.
  • Festivals: There will be 1-2 Festival events for player participation.  In preparation for travel tryouts, teams will be selected based on player abilities and will be separated by gender when able. Location TBD.
    • Festival(s): Format will be 7v7 (6 field players and a goalie).
    • Select Festival: Format will be 7v7 (6 field players and a goalie). Competitive event hosted by VSC at Upper Perkiomen High School.

Participating Clubs

  • Valley Soccer Club, Quakertown Soccer Club, Lower Macungie Youth Association, Westmont United, Rage Soccer Club, Methacton Soccer Club, Boyertown, Western Lehigh, Whitpain Soccer Club, and Parkland Soccer Club.
  • Parents should expect to travel to these clubs for their child's participation in matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the U8 ADVANCE Program I've been hearing about?
Yes! The Program changed names in 2019. The program is now called the U8 Player Development and Travel Preparation Program and is set-up to teach your child individual and team soccer skills and introduce both the child and parents to travel soccer.  

Is my child good enough to sign up?
The Program was formed with one of the intentions being eliminating the tryout/cut process currently associated with youth soccer. We feel no child U8 or under should be told they can’t play or be cut from a team. Kids develop physically at different times, and the focus of our program is to develop their skills properly so when they are fully developed teenagers they will have the necessary skill set. No child should have their future soccer career ended before it even has the chance to begin.

What is the benefit of training mixed ability players?
Players will benefit from the challenge that is presented through training with players of mixed abilities. Stronger players will be challenged to improve the level of play for all involved and weaker players will be challenged to compete with the stronger players. Not all activities will be mixed-ability; there will also be ability-based competitions where players are grouped with similar skill level players.

How will I know if my child will benefit from this program?
If your child has a love of the game and wants to be further challenged, they will benefit from our development philosophy, quality training sessions, varied game formats and qualified trainers and coaches. This program is designed to give your child the best opportunity for immediate improvement and future success in soccer.

Will my child be able to participate in all of the festivals?
All of the Fall and Winter festivals will be open to all participants in the program and with the small team sizes, each player will receive extended playing time. At least one of the Spring Festivals will have teams selected by the coaches based on the abilities the child has at the time of the event and based on their observation of the other participating clubs’ participant’s abilities.  Participation in this festival is not guaranteed as part of the program.


Andrew Gaffney

U8 Development and Travel Preparation Program Coordinator

Phone: 484-636-7321