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Info For Parents

Parent Guidelines

The Parent's Creed

Help me to understand...that my child's development is in the coaches’ hands.

Help me to see...that this program is for the children, not for me.

If in defeat our team should fall, help me to stand tall.

And, if in victory our team should stand,

Help me to extend a humble hand.

If our philosophies don't always agree, help me to support the coaches...for my child to see.

For it is the philosophy of "fair play" that the coach believes in my child in every way.

And what more could I want for my child... than someone who believes, truly believes, in my child.


Valley Soccer Parent’s Code of Conduct

  1. Let coaches coach.
  2. Let the refs control the game on the field, and respect their calls throughout the game.
  3. Keep comments positive to players, parents, officials, and coaches of either team.
  4. Cheer for your team.
  5. Show interest, enthusiasm, and support for your child.
  6. Be in control of your emotions.
  7. Help when you’re asked to by a coach or an official.
  8. No pets at the fields
  9. No smoking or drinking at the fields
  10. Thank the coaches, officials, and other volunteers for their time and effort.
  11. Let your child know what a great job they did after every game.


Your Responsibilities as a Parent

All parents want their kids to do well and have fun in the activities they pursue. We want you to be actively involved in positive ways with your child’s sport experiences. To do that, you need to first understand your responsibilities as a parent of a child involved in sports.

  1. Encourage your child to play sports, but don’t pressure. Let your child choose to play.
  2. Understand what your child wants from sports, and provide a supportive atmosphere for achieving these goals.
  3. Set limits on your child’s participation. Don’t make sports everything in your child’s life; make it a part of life.
  4. Be prompt; show up to practices and games at the time given by the coach.
  5. Keep winning in perspective, and help your child do the same.
  6. Help your child set challenging but realistic performance goals rather than focusing only on “winning the game.”
  7. Help your child understand the valuable lessons sports can teach.
  8. Help your child meet responsibilities to the team and to the coach.
  9. Turn your child over to the coach at practices and games - don’t meddle or coach from the sidelines.
  10. Supply the coach, with information on any allergies or special health conditions your child has. Make sure your child brings any necessary medications to practices and games.


Be Involved

Valley Soccer needs enthusiastic involvement from parents to be successful. Volunteering your time not only helps the program; it’s also an enjoyable way to meet other adults and make new friends.  Both the coach and your child will welcome a healthy involvement. 


Be involved, show interest, and help the coach where he or she needs help, encourage your child-and enjoy the sport yourself!