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Valley SC Travel Soccer Program


The philosophy of the Valley Soccer Club's Travel program is to provide youth soccer players of all levels, in the Upper Perkiomen Valley and surrounding areas, an opportunity to play instructional and competitive soccer commensurate with their age and skill levels. VSC believes that soccer should be fun first and foremost and that it should build team camaraderie and skills as a means of developing self-esteem and confidence for all participants. Youth players are given an opportunity to learn and enjoy the great game of soccer through skill-building and fostering a love for the game that will continue as they grow and advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel soccer?
Travel Soccer is a competitive program run by the Valley Soccer Club that provides players, who are seeking a more competitive soccer environment, a place to play. Teams are separated into age and gender divisions. Player development and competition are geared towards age specific expectations. All travel teams are coached by experienced, licensed coaches and games are played with licensed referees per FIFA rules.
Is Travel Soccer open to all players?
Yes, travel soccer is open to all players, boys and girls, in age groups from U-9 (under 9 years old) to U-18 (under 18 years old). Players younger than U9 (eg U6-U8) that are looking for a development focused venue should see the ADVANCE U8 program offering, Players must “try-out” to make the squad but competition for player spots are open to all. Tryouts are typically held during early Spring on 2 different days for each age group. Players trying out are requested to attend all sessions as it gives a better assessment of a players skill level. Tryouts are held annually for each team and previous rostering on a team does not guarantee a future spot.
How much “travelling” is involved?
Typically travel soccer games are played within a one to 1 1/2 hour distance with most games being considerably closer than that. Approximately half of the games are played at the clubs home fields and therefore do not require any travelling. Some older or more experienced teams may opt to play in travel leagues that will require more travelling.
What is the time commitment for travel teams?
Most Travel teams play in leagues through the fall (Sept-mid November) with games on weekends and practice twice a week in the early evening (practices are often held over the summer months as well to prepare the team). Many teams decide to play in “indoor travel” leagues in the winter months and play Spring Travel but that is at the discretion of the coach and team and players. Participation is encouraged but players are not required to participate.
What are the costs associated with playing Travel Soccer?
The annual registration fee for the 2019-2020 Fall Season was $200 per player for U-9 & U-10, $225 per player for U11 & U-12 and $250 per player for U-13 and above (due to an increase in the number of referees required and the rental of UPHS Turf time). Players will receive a new uniform every 2 years (socks, shorts and 2 jerseys) which is a separate cost paid directly to the uniform vendor. Other costs may include participation in tournaments at the discretion of the coach. The typical cost to a player for a single tournament is ~$40-50/player. Some teams may play in as many as 3 tournaments per season; however participation is recommended but not mandatory.
What are the benefits of Travel Soccer?
Players get an opportunity to participate in one of the truly beautiful games that sports has to offer. Players are taught skills, sportsmanship and develop a sense of personal accomplishment through participation. Another benefit is the camaraderie and friendships that are developed between teammates over years of playing together with some teams being together from U-9 through U-16. Many of our Travel players go on to be the core of their Middle and High School soccer teams some even playing College ball.
What is provided by the club?
Players are trained and coached weekly during summer months and throughout the year by their coaches. Game fields and practice fields are maintained and groomed and use of "turf" game fields at the UPHS are provided for the "large sided" teams as well as 2 grass large sided practice fields. 2 game and 4 practice fields are provided for small sided teams as well as small practice fields and a kickwall. Lighting and turf time is provided to allow for practice later in the year when it gets dark early. Professional trainers, from "Perfect Touch Soccer", are provided for 11 weeks out of the season, minimally once a week, to ensure player development. Trainers will also attend games and critique and offer suggestions to coaches based on game day observations. For older teams, under the Tribe United banner Valley also runs international matches which are provided for the U13 and U14 age teams who travel to Ottawa Canada as well as games against visiting Canadian teams every other year. In off years the Canadians travel to Valley to play. Tribe united also sponsors a trip to Charleston SC for older players to train with a professional soccer club and an off season league team. Lastly, an annual banquet awards dinner is held at the end of the year for all players.
Is there financial assistance for families and players who have the interest and the talent but cannot afford the costs?
Families demonstrating a financial need may be able to receive financial aid from the Valley Soccer club upon request and approval (see menu at left for link). There is also a registration cost discount available for families that have multiple children involved in the program (first child full price, second child 10% discount, third child receives 25% discount and fourth sibling and beyond are free).


Kate Detterline

Kate Detterline

Travel Coordinator

Phone: 267 – 372 - 3842

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